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Is the museum open today? How many shoes have you bought this season? They will be worrying. Do you know, has just left, is, Is, has been, has never bought; Отдельной книгой изданы ответы-ключи "The Keys".

The Keys. English Grammar. Reference & Practice. Version 2.0

Did you go alone? He rang me up when I was having supper. How many times have you been married?

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Philip lost his camera when he was walking about the city. The Compound Sentence 2. А возможность предложить ученику альтернативный вариант на основе ответов может помочь ему научиться мыслить более широко и не всегда стандартно, по шаблону. Определись Если ты уже один из нас, то.

English grammar дроздова ГДЗ

Do you know, have you known, have known; 7. She had a good holiday in the South.

English Grammar. Reference and Practice. Version 2.0. Дроздова Т.Ю. и др.

Yes, I have found them. Are these students doing an exercise or copying a text? They do not feel very cold.

Т. Ю. Дроздова и др. English Grammar: Reference and Practice

When did you see him last? The boy hurt himself when he was riding the bicycle. Just then I saw another friend of mine.

Have you been standing in this cold long?

English Grammar. Reference & Practice. Version 2.0

Some people like summer best of all, some like spring and autumn, but others prefer winter. How often does Felix watch birds? How long has your foot been hurting you?

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He does not play chess very well. Prepositions of Direction 4.

Дроздова Т. English Grammar

She has been scrubbing the floors for three hours.

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